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General Manager of injection molding machines company

General Manager

Mr. LV  – One Of The Most Senior Sales of Plastic Injection Molding Machines With Unlimited Enthusiasm.

Mr. LV is very experienced advanced sales engineer. Since his younth, he devoted himself to injection molding machines business and once worked in different injection molding machines companies in China. He has almost put his whole life into selling injection molding machines for 30 years.  Now he is in charge of Yong Jiang Plastic Machinery Co.,ltd.

Mr. LV has sold thousands of plastic injection molding machines and served hundreds customers from domestic and oversea. With his rich experience in injection molding, he can give customers quick solutions with high ratio of  performance to cost.  He treats every customers as friend or brother.  No matter how big or how small the order is, He will make sure the quality. His enthusiasm can move every customer. Although he speaks very little english, he is interested in international market. He has been to many countries like India, Turkey, German, Veitnam, etc for promoting injection molding machines.

Mr. Xu Bo (Sales Manager)-Keep Working With Young Heart On sales of Injection Molding Machines.

Mr. Xu Bo started his career of plastic machinery before 2000 when he was young boy. The first company he served was one of the oldest plastic injection machines factories like Haitian .  He was mainly working as a aftersale service engineer.  He has flied to many countries in the past 20 years for injection machines installing, commissioning and maintenance. So he is very professional in settling problems of injection machines. Now he is working as sales manager of CHINA YONGJIANG Plastic Injection Machinery. He is very nice person with good temper. You can get professional service from him:

  • You can check with him if you meet any problem during production.
  • You can get good injection molding solutions if you have new plans.
  • You can get spare parts from him if your machines are broken.
  • You can get professional quotation if you need to buy new injection molding machines.
General Sales Engineers of injection molding machines

General Sales Engineers of injection molding machines

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