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Air-cooled chiller inspection method

August 18, 2021

Generally, after using the air-cooled chiller for a long period of time, some problems cannot be avoided. If there is a failure, we should carefully check the operating conditions of the various parts of the injection machine. The main points are to check the refrigeration system, electrical system, air system, and water system. To judge whether their homework is normal, the editor below will analyze the inspection methods in detail with you.

Air-cooled chiller

No. 1, refrigeration system

Check whether there are cracks, breakages, frosting and condensation in the various pipes of the refrigeration system; whether there is any friction between the refrigeration pipes of the air-cooled chiller, and the pipes and the shell, especially the welding of the refrigerant pipes If there is any leakage at the joint connection, if there will be oil stains at the leakage position, you can also use a clean soft cloth or soft paper to scrub the pipe welding joint and the joint connection.


Second, electrical system

Check whether the fuse of the chiller electrical system is blown, whether the insulation of the electrical wire is intact, whether the circuit board is cracked, whether the connection is loose, etc. In particular, whether the electrical connection is well-touched, and the wiring screws and connectors are easily loosened to cause poor touch.

Third, ventilation system

Check whether the air filter, heat exchanger coils and fins are too dusty; whether the air inlet and outlet are dredged; whether the fan and fan blades work normally; whether the wind power is normal, whether the water system is normal, etc. .

  1. Mechanical water system

Check whether the water system is leaking; whether the water inlet and outlet are dredged; whether the chiller water pump works normally. Listen to the power on and listen to whether the compressor working sound of the air-cooled chiller is normal, whether there is abnormal sound, whether there is noise in the operation of electric fans, water pump, and whether the noise is too loud, etc. When the air-cooled chiller is working, the vibration is slight and the noise is small under normal conditions.


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