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High speed injection molding machines

High speed injection molding machines including 210Ton, 250Ton, 280Ton, 320Ton, 350Ton, 380Ton,etc. This series injection molding machines are designed for IML products, Thin-wall containers, forks and spoons, flower pots, milk cups, cable ties, etc. Generally, High speed means faster response, stronger platen, high injection pressure, high injection speed, very short cycle time as well as advanced automatic technology.

Generally, high-speed injection molding machines are hydraulic and electric. The hydraulic high-speed injection molding machine is mainly pressurized with nitrogen (it needs to use a nitrogen tank, which is a pressure vessel in special equipment).Our current high speed machines are hydraulic high speed injection machines.

High speed plastic machine is mainly aimed at the products with high cycle requirements and thin wall thickness requirements. Then the products are known as follows:
For example, the output per unit time is relatively large, the product structure is simple, and everyone can make products. At this time, I have to make more products per unit time than your competitors, so that the cost can be kept down
For that kind of thin-walled products, the most familiar ones are disposable thin-walled snack boxes, disposable cups and other products that require very thin wall thickness. Such products need to be matched with FLYSE high-speed injection machine to produce, because this kind of product has high requirements for high-speed machine. Generally, it can be used in a short time, and problems will appear in a long time

Advantages of high speed injection molding machine:
1. Hydraulic system – high energy saving
High speed injection molding machine adopts servo energy-saving hydraulic system, servo motor with quantitative pump, the start / stop / speed of servo motor can be adjusted at will to drive the oil pump to rotate, which can control the amount and speed of the oil pump, and directly control the speed and position of the injection molding machine according to the actual speed of the injection molding machine. It can be understood that the speed and position of each action of the injection molding machine are directly controlled by the servo energy-saving hydraulic system.
2. Hydraulic system – high efficiency
The high-speed injection molding machine adopts two groups of servo hydraulic system, which can supply oil separately at the same time, so that two shafts can move simultaneously (mold opening / demoulding at the same time), and new power source can be added according to the actual demand of the system, so as to realize three-axis linkage (storage / mold opening / demoulding can move simultaneously) and greatly shorten the injection molding cycle.
3. Clamping system – high rigidity
Through the finite element analysis, the clamping system of high-speed injection molding machine shows that the template has low deformation, the connecting rod is designed with a large angle, and its fulcrum is close to the center, and the clamping force is transmitted to the central part of the template, so as to realize the uniform distribution of the clamping, maintain the accuracy of the mold, and ensure the high-speed movement of the clamping.
4. Injection system – high response
High speed injection molding machine uses accumulator as injection power source, with sensor MOOG servo valve and low inertia injection mechanism, the injection response is 30ms. stable.
5. Injection system – high plasticization
high-speed injection molding machine screw length diameter ratio L / D = 24 ~ 26, and the use of double thread + mixing, so that the plastic mixing uniform.
6. High security
High speed injection molding machine provides fully enclosed sheet metal, mechanical, oil, electrical triple protection.

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