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PET injection molding machines

PET injection molding machines are specially designed for PET products especially like PET preform. We have developed PET injection machines from 170T to 550Ton near 10 models of high efficiency PET preform injection machines.
A special plasticizing system was designed according to the characteristics of pet molding. Equipped with special pet screw, the length diameter ratio of the screw is increased, and the surface is treated with hard chromium plating, which fully meets the needs of high requirements for pet transparency and plasticization quality, with anti accumulation and easy cleaning; Large ejection force and ejection stroke meet the needs of PET bottle embryo forming.
According to the characteristics of pet molding process, the company’s pet special models have all the advantages of standard models, and make improvements to ensure the excellent molding of pet products.
1. Large diameter screw design, and large length diameter ratio.
2. Excellent plasticizing ability.
3. Super large four column space, increase mold opening stroke, increase capacity modulus and lengthen thimble stroke.
4. Can be specially customized molding plus glass fiber pet special tube group, sheet pet special tube group, etc.
5. PID temperature precise control of more than four sections of barrel.
How to choose the right pet injection molding machine?
PET plastic is commonly used as the raw material of plastic bottled drinks, which has the advantages of low viscosity, good fluidity and large specific heat capacity. The disadvantages are: easy to stick material, high forming temperature, narrow range of material temperature adjustment, poor processability, etc.
According to the characteristics of PET plastic, we can choose pet injection molding machine from the following aspects:
1. Screw. The length diameter ratio of screw is designed for special pet screw. Generally, the length diameter ratio of plastic screw is about 18-22, and the length diameter ratio of pet screw is generally more than 1:24. The larger the length diameter ratio, the better the plasticizing ability.
2. Module space. According to the size of the die, determine whether the inner distance of the big column, the thickness of the die, the minimum size of the die and the size of the template are appropriate, so as to confirm whether the die can be put down. The width and height of the die should be less than or at least one side should be less than the inner distance of the large column; The width and height of the mold should be within the size range of the template; The thickness of the mold should be between that of the injection molding machine; The width and height of the mold should meet the minimum mold size recommended by PET injection molding machine.
3. Product take out space. Determine whether the opening stroke and supporting stroke are enough for the finished product to be taken out by the mold and the finished product. The die opening stroke should be more than twice the height of the finished product in the direction of opening and closing the die; The supporting stroke and supporting force should be enough to eject the finished product.
4. Clamping force. The tonnage of machine clamping force is determined by product and plastic. When the raw material is injected into the cavity with high pressure, a force of supporting the mold will be generated. Therefore, the clamping unit of the injection molding machine must provide enough clamping force to prevent the mold from being opened.

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