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» FAQ’s

01. Can I buy from you directly?

Yebo. Okwamanje, we are selling to foreign countries directly. We are tring to find partners in different countries. Till we find partners, we will export our injection molding machines directly.

02. What is your quality Guarantee term?

We will provide one-year guarantee for whole machine including mechanical, hydraulic, electric system, but wearing parts are not included. If some parts broken within warranty time, we will send you free parts for replacement but international shipping fee will be shared by customers.

03. Can we get accessories from you also?

Yebo. We have different quality level suppliers of accessories. You can buy from us with one stop purchase experience.

04. Will you supply plastic molds?

We don’t make molds by ourselves. But we have many relationship with reliable and cheap molds makers. So we can supply plastic molds to you also.

05. What is your payment term?

Usually we accept 30% TT in advance , the rest balanced before shipment.

06. Can you send technician to our factory for installation and commissioning?

Yebo. We have aftersale service engineer for oversea installation and commissioning. But currently, due to COVID-19, we will not dispatch our engineer to foreign countries until the pandemic is over. During COVID-19 , we will take videos of installation and commissioning for reference. In most cases, customers will not face problems since we have tested machines for thousands times before shipment.

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